WULUS Distribution carries over a thousand different hardware and software lines, but did you know that WULUS Distribution offers a variety of value-added services that will help to compliment your current services team, help with your backlog, or be the expert that you do not currently have on staff.

I will like to highlight our Field Services, Smart Hands, Network Operation Center (NOC), Software Operating Center (SOC), and Software Services. Many of these services are Remote.

Our wide variety of value-added services can supplement your company’s service team, skill sets, and geographic reach. Whether you are supporting your team in the United States or internationally, we are the partner to support you.

Pre-Sales Design

Pre-Sales Enablement

Solution Centers


Managed Services


Access to:

Software and Cloud Services


 Custom Hardware Services

Valued Added Services

Assembly & Configuration

Field Services

Professional Services

Annual Maintenance and Warranty Services

GoldSeal®Support Maintenance Solution

Available for:

Security Assessments

Additional Services

Please contact us at 800-918-4380 ext. 1 or email us at info@wulusdistribution to request quotation for any of these services